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Are You Prepared for a Dental Emergency?

Posted by: Jason Hui, DDS, on October 18, 2013

A dental emergency can take on just about any shape and form. It can range from a nagging toothache to a broken jaw, and a true emergency is likely to catch you completely off guard. However, as alarming as an emergency can be, it is possible to survive it with your nerves and your sanity… Read More

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Your Dental Insurance Benefits Will Expire Soon!

Posted by: Jason Hui, DDS, on October 12, 2013

The end of 2013 is just around the corner, and we know that everyone will be busy preparing for the multitude of festivities during the upcoming holiday season. Before getting swamped with cooking Thanksgiving dinner, shopping for Christmas presents, and making New Year’s resolutions, Paragon Dentistry would like to remind you that your dental insurance benefits… Read More

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Do Genetics Play a Role in the Overall Health of Teeth?

Posted by: Jason Hui, DDS, on October 5, 2013

So much of who we are can be attributed to our genetic history. After all, genetics help to define our personalities, our hair color, and even the shape of our nose. Genetics also play a strong role in influencing our oral health. The shape and size of your teeth, the width of your smile, your… Read More

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Sedation Dentistry: Relax and Take the Edge Off

Posted by: Jason Hui, DDS, on September 27, 2013

For some individuals, a visit to the dentist can cause fear and anxiety. Even basic treatment such as having teeth cleaned is so overwhelming, these patients will forego this much needed procedure. However, this is no longer a problem when your dental provider offers sedation dentistry. There are different types of sedation employed based on… Read More

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At What Age Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Posted by: Jason Hui, DDS, on September 16, 2013

Every patient is different, and while some experience problems with their wisdom teeth, others may not at all. Following your dentist’s recommendation for wisdom teeth removal is the best option. Wisdom teeth, also called the third molars, are the final teeth to erupt. There is no magical age for these teeth to come in, and… Read More

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