About Paragon Dentistry: A Model Dental Practice

Dr. Jason Hui designed his Allen dental practice, Paragon Dentistry, to address patients’ primary concerns for dental care, ranging from convenience and comfort to comprehensive quality treatment and valuable financial options. Dr. Jason wants excellent care to be not only accessible to patients, but also easy, relaxing, effective, and affordable. In addition, they understand that different people define “ideal care” differently, so at Paragon Dentistry, we go above and beyond the norm to discern specifically what patients are looking for when they come to see us. We will then tailor our care to their individual desires and needs.

Ease & Convenience

Convenient Dental Appointments and On-Time Scheduling

To Dr. Jason Hui, easy dental care means convenient hours and a convenient location. Patients can schedule appointments at Paragon Dentistry as early as 7am, as late as 7pm, and even on Saturdays. Additionally, we have a unique scheduling system that enables us to run on time. We understand that your time is very valuable and should not be wasted; consequently, we do not double book our patients and your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. Emergencies are also seen as promptly as possible; we block out specific time slots in our daily schedule to accommodate urgent care. Our beautiful new dental office is easy to locate and has plenty of parking!

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Comfort & Relaxation

Gentle Allen, TX Dentist with Soothing Patient Amenities and Relaxing Dental Sedation Options

We believe relaxing dental care starts the moment you walk through our door. Our friendly staff will greet you with a smile, our state-of-the-art Allen dental office is stylish but also comfortable like home, and we offer both soothing patient amenities and relaxing sedation options. We aim to make your visits with us as pleasant as they are effective.

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Effective Treatment

Conservative and Effective Dental Treatment

At Paragon Dentistry, we think effective dental care achieves a balance of health and beauty. Your oral and overall health is our top priority because a healthy body needs a healthy mouth. For patients who also have cosmetic concerns, we believe your smile can be as beautiful as it is healthy!

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Affordable Allen, TX Dentist that Accepts Insurances and Offers Financing

One of the fantastic things about Paragon Dentistry is that Dr. Jason makes first-class service affordable. By being insurance friendly and offering accommodating financing options, we make it so your family’s dental care at our Allen dental practice will fit naturally and easily into your budget, while maintaining precision and the highest quality of dental materials and technology.

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More About Paragon Dentistry

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We Look Forward to Your Visit

The Paragon Dentistry team would like to invite you to experience the difference at our practice while restoring yourself to optimal dental health!

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