Digital Imaging (Smile Preview Software)

If you want a new, improved smile but cannot quite envision how it will change your appearance, we have digital imaging smile preview software that shows you the possibilities before treatment even begins. During your cosmetic consultation with us, we will take digital photographs of your current smile. After listening attentively to your hopes for your smile makeover, we will digitally manipulate the photos we took to show you the treatment plan we propose and how it will improve your overall appearance. You might be amazed how realistic the smile preview images look, and how much they will make you look forward to your enhanced smile improving your life.

Digital Office (Environmentally Friendly)

Digital Paperless Dental Office with Digital Imaging Software

Gone are the days when a doctor’s office needed a wall full of folders and paper charts. Paragon Dentistry is paperless whenever possible, with digital new patient forms, digital x-ray images, and digital patient charts. Even our patient checkout process is digital, with receipts that can be emailed for greater convenience and more environmentally-friendly systems. On top of being easier on the environment, storing patient information and processing payments digitally is more secure. The safety of your personal information is important to us.

Intraoral Camera (See What We See)

Like digital x-rays, our intraoral camera is a diagnostic and education tool that enriches the patient experience and quality of treatment at Paragon Dentistry in Allen, TX. Using this camera, we can give you a “tour” of your mouth on a TV or computer screen. It shows you what we see in your mouth to help you better understand your diagnosis and treatment options. The “tooth pictures” from the intraoral camera are also great to engage children in learning about oral health and feeling involved in their own dental visits.

Advanced Dental Technology

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We Look Forward to Your Visit

The Paragon Dentistry team would like to invite you to experience the difference at our practice while restoring yourself to optimal dental health!

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