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Tammy Sanders

Allen, TX Dental Team Member, Tammy Sanders

Tammy Sanders was born in Magnolia, Texas and moved to Arkansas after middle school. Growing up, her mother entered her into various beauty pageants, which required her to acquire and express her talents in singing and dancing.

Tammy currently lives in Little Elm, Texas with her boyfriend, two children, dog, and cat. In her free time, she loves to sing karaoke, attend concerts, play video games, read, camp, and most importantly, spend time with her friends and family.

As a receptionist and treatment coordinator, Tammy is the primary point of contact at Paragon Dentistry. She loves her job and enjoys helping and meeting new people. Patients are quick to notice her accommodating and friendly demeanor. Because Tammy also suffers from dental anxiety due to traumatic childhood experiences, she is very empathetic toward others and is quick to connect with and understand patients.

Janice DeLoach, RDA

Allen, TX Dental Team Member, Janice Deloach, RDA

Janice DeLoach loves dentistry and appreciates the opportunity to educate her patients on promoting better health and a better life. She enjoys connecting with her patients and helping them to feel most comfortable in the dental office. Janice has been a dental assistant for many years and is currently pursuing her dental hygiene degree in order to serve patients further.

Janice is originally from Miami, Florida and loves the ocean and beach. She now lives in Allen, Texas with her beloved husband, two daughters, and Lucy, her boxer dog. Family is most important to Janice and she loves spending quality time with them. In her free time, Janice enjoys reading to learn new things, vegetable gardening, baking, cooking, and listening to music.

Hope Moller, RDH

Allen, TX Dental Team Member, Hope Moller, RDH

Hope Moller possesses an extraordinary passion for dental hygiene and appreciates the opportunity to educate her patients on promoting better health and a better life. She is committed to continuing education and loves to learn about the newest dental hygiene and general dentistry advancements.

As a person of utmost integrity, Hope sincerely cares about the situation of each patient she encounters and is very attentive to everyone’s needs. During treatment, Hope is dedicated to being gentle yet thorough to ensure a comfortable and effective dental cleaning experience each and every time.

Hope is very extroverted and loves to meet new people and develop strong, genuine bonds with them. She also loves to serve the less fortunate, as indicated by her desire to attend mission trips in third world countries. Hope’s personal philosophy is to love the life she is living and help others find a way to love theirs, as well. Hope understands that life is short and wants to embrace even the small ray of light on a bad day and bring that light to everyone around her.

In addition to dental hygiene, Hope’s personal interests include horseback riding, rescuing dogs, traveling, event planning, arts and crafts, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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