Emergency Dental Care

Same Day Emergency Dental Care at Paragon Dentistry in Allen, TX

Need emergency dental care? We know a toothache often leads to a dental emergency, and we want to help you get relief from pain. We block out specific time slots in our schedule every day to accommodate dental emergencies, as we recognize that there is never a convenient time for a toothache. Rest assured, if you need a painful tooth treated, we will do everything we can to make your treatment both effective and comfortable.

During your emergency dental visit, our gentle and compassionate doctors will evaluate the culprit tooth that is causing the pain. Generally, a digital x-ray of the tooth will be required to aid in diagnosis. Before removing a tooth, we see if saving it is possible. Sometimes conditions in your mouth, ranging from infection and pain to very advanced tooth decay or gum disease, make tooth extraction (removal) the best option; other times, a painful tooth can be saved by performing a root canal procedure to remove the nerve, followed by placing a crown to protect the devitalized tooth from re-infection and fracture. Dr. Jason Hui understands toothaches can be very traumatic and will discuss all treatment options with you and strive to relieve your pain. We also offer a variety of dental sedation options to encourage the most comfortable dental experience.

Even if you are not suffering from pain, but rather are experiencing a chipped tooth, dislodged crown, or broken denture, the staff here at Paragon Dentistry welcomes your same day visit so we can address your issues and concerns!

After taking care of your dental emergency, we invite you to return for a comprehensive examination of all your teeth and oral tissues so we can be proactive in preventing future pain and problems. We look forward to seeing you smile again!

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We Look Forward to Your Visit

The Paragon Dentistry team would like to invite you to experience the difference at our practice while restoring yourself to optimal dental health!

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