Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment for Comfort and Convenience

Posted by: Jason Hui, DDS, on September 5, 2013

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Invisalign is becoming increasingly popular among patients who want a straighter smile. This system appeals to patients because it has a number of advantages over conventional orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign, which repositions the teeth via a series of clear plastic trays, does not rely on the clunky brackets and wires of braces past. The plastic tray is nearly invisible to the average observer, who will only notice your improving smile, not any braces obstructing it.

Not only is Invisalign more attractive because it cuts out the metal, it’s more comfortable too. With no sharp-edged brackets or wires that can break free from the appliance, patients do not have the risk of damage to the soft tissues of the mouth presented by conventional orthodontic treatment.

The Invisalign system is also quite convenient for patients in a number of ways. Because patients are essentially making the adjustments on their own when they switch from one tray to the next, Invisalign requires fewer visits to the dentist for adjustments to braces.

Additionally, Invisalign has minimal impact on a patient’s day-to-day routine, which is also a divergence from conventional braces. The trays are removed at mealtime and for the home oral hygiene routine. This feature allows patients to continue to enjoy all of their favorite foods while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

It’s also easier to keep your teeth clean and healthy while straightening them with Invisalign. There are no wires to restrict access to the gumline, and special tools are not required for flossing. Additionally, the absence of brackets decreases the risk of food debris getting trapped against your teeth.

Keep in mind that this increased comfort and convenience comes with increased responsibility on the patient’s part. The patient must be conscientious about swapping out the trays on the schedule recommended by the dentist, generally every two weeks or so. The patient also must be sure to wear the trays for the suggested time period – 20-22 hours – each day for the best outcomes.

Invisalign can improve your experience with orthodontic treatment, so contact our dentists at Paragon Dentistry to see if this system will be effective in your case. Call 469-251-2888 to schedule your informative consultation today.

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