Family Dentist Appointments

Family Block Appointments for Your Convenience at your Plano Neighborhood Dentist

Large families have more people needing dental care, but their schedules are often busier with more people’s work, school, and extracurricular activities to get to, making dental appointments challenging to fit in. At Paragon Dentistry, we strive to help by encouraging you to schedule family block appointments at our office. Having everyone seen back-to-back can be a relief because it is better for your schedule, and it also gives you more peace of mind knowing that your family’s oral health is being looked after.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Plano, Texas to take care of your families teeth, look no further!

Also check out the American Dental Associations “Mouth Healthy” site.

Our Commitment to Convenience

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We Look Forward to Your Visit

The Paragon Dentistry team would like to invite you to experience the difference at our practice while restoring yourself to optimal dental health!

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