Early Pediatric Dental Visits = Foundation for a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

Posted by: Jason Hui, DDS, on August 10, 2013

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Pediatric Dental Visits with Children's Dentist in Allen & North Plano, TX

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends early pediatric dental visits that begin with bringing children to the dentist soon after the first baby tooth comes in, which generally occurs any time between six to twelve months of age.  Baby tooth development continues to occur until three years of age, so it is very important to regularly visit the dentist starting at an early age in order to ensure everything is developing properly.

In addition to ensuring normal development, early pediatric dental visits also allow young ones to become accustomed to the dental office environment, as well as having foreign objects such as fingers, mirrors, fluoride, and electric toothbrushes inserted into their mouths for examination and preventive care.  Early exposure to such handling in conjunction with positive association (because it is highly unlikely infants and toddlers will require dental procedures to correct cavities) is conducive to build a trusting relationship with the dentist.  With reinforced trust, even if children require dental treatment, they tend to be more cooperative.

Dr. Jason Hui, along with his entire staff here at Paragon Dentistry love children!  We believe in establishing a positive habit with regular pediatric dental visits starting from infancy because preventive care is the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.  Much of dentistry can be prevented, and certainly, major procedures such as root canals, crowns, and tooth extractions can be avoided if cavities are caught and treated early on.  Most patients who suffer from dental anxiety either underwent a past traumatic experience with a dentist, or lacked the opportunity to develop trust with the dentist at a  young age.  Paragon Dentistry strongly opposes traumatic dental experiences and desires to grow in trust with your children.  Contact us for a pediatric dental visit with your infant; we promise to shower him/her with lots of love!

Please stay tuned for our next blog entry on important topics discussed during your infant or toddler’s dental visits!


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